Oil and gas fired thermic fuel boiler

Thermic Fluid Horizontal Boiler


Your desire requirement.


Light oil, Heavy oil & Gas.

Sailent features

  • No risk of corrosion
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High temperature up to 300°C at low pressure of 1 to 3 bar
  • No equipment for pre-treatment of boiler feed water
  • Easy operation and minimal maintenance
  • No heat loss due to pre-treatment of boiler feed water
  • Easy to operate (does not require a steam boiler certified operator)

Boss boilers design & manufacture various types of thermic fluid boiler like, Thermic Fluid Horizontal Boiler. In thermic fluid heaters a thermal oil is used instead as the heat carrier, operating at low pressure to deliver 300 degree Celsius temperature. There are several advantages of using thermic fluid heaters compared to steam boilers.